Industrial Chemical

Chloroform is a chemical compound with various applications in different industries Heres a short specification for chloroform Chemical Name Chloroform Chemical Formula CHCl3 Synonyms Trichloromethane Physical Properties Appearance Colorless heavy sweetsmelling liquid Molecular Weight 11938 gmol Density Approximately 149 gcm at 20C Boiling Point Approximately 612C 1422F Melting Point Approximately 635C 823F Flash Point Approximately 23C 94F closed cup Solubility Chloroform is sparingly soluble in water but miscible with many organic solvents Chemical Properties Chloroform is a trihalomethane compound containing three chlorine atoms It is a volatile organic compound with a characteristic sweet odor Chloroform can undergo various chemical reactions including chlorination and reactions with other organic compounds Common Uses Solvent Chloroform has historically been used as a solvent in chemistry and laboratory work although its use has decreased due to safety concerns Anesthetic In the past chloroform was used as a general anesthetic but it is no longer used for medical purposes due to its toxic effects Intermediate It is used in the synthesis of various chemicals including pharmaceuticals and pesticides Extraction Chloroform has been used for the extraction of organic compounds from mixtures Historical Use Chloroform has a historical association with early surgical procedures and was once used as an anesthetic and sedative Safety Precautions Chloroform is considered hazardous and poses health risks It is toxic if inhaled ingested or absorbed through the skin Prolonged exposure to chloroform vapor can cause central nervous system depression liver and kidney damage and other health issues Adequate ventilation and proper personal protective equipment PPE are essential when handling chloroform Chloroform should be stored in a wellventilated area away from open flames and heat sources Please note that the use of chloroform is highly regulated in many countries due to its health and environmental risks Always consult the safety data sheet SDS and follow applicable regulations and safety guidelines when working with chloroform or any other chemicals